Finished rods

The Spey Company is dedicated to providing high quality  products  to the demanding spey fishing market.  All our products are made  in the USA. The Speyco two-hand series is developed for those wishing to have a  rod that will fit all styles of spey and over hand of casting. The tapers are a Fast to medium progressive action with a  speed of recovery that will allow the minor fluctuations in a day of spey casting; in other words, they are very forgiving.  I have always been big on in-hand balance.  Rods and reels should work together in harmony.  This new series of rods not only cast like dream but will feel light in hand and balance on one finger.   A correctly countered fly delivery system will greatly reduce the amount of strain on the angler.  We offer a number of different series in our rods to give the anger choices, providing a fine selection of  graphite and fiberglass rods and blanks.  The fiberglass blanks are created from a blend of different modulus materials, designed for specific action.  The fiberglass series are imported from New Zealand and are a perfect blend of a modern and classic spey rods. They have a graphite helix core for strength, with a fiberglass shell to give you that slow, delicate presentation that we all have been looking for. These are a full flex rod slow and very fun to cast. I have have been testing these out for a while now. All I have to say fighting fish with this rod is pure pleasure. I still use my glass rods for trout fishing. This was my inspiration for these rods. Sometimes it not about how far you can cast it is about the joy of fighting the fish. The Glass Rods will be available in two colors BOO Brown and a beautiful Dark translucent Chestnut.

Our rods are built using only  select cork and top quality US reel seats and guides . My 11' to 11'9"  switch and cross-over rod handles come in an extra extended single handed grip configuration, bringing out the true essence of the art of light spey casting.
A diverse world fishery has put increased demands on my rod and reel designs.  As the spey  movement has evolved, so has my company.  I continually have received requests to respond to this new style of fishing.  We have responded to these requests designing new reels  and rods to fit the needs of the modern spey fisherman looking for that classic look.